Nice animated flames, huh?
Ever wanted to discard all that excess clutter?
Here's the perfect communual ritual for your own personal catharsis.
In an unabashed display of fiery fervour, these revellers symbolically cast off their troublesome burdens.
Cast your shame into the flames with no one to blame.
We are getting better with Adobe Photoshop. Warning: Don't try to tip your screen to see this better.
Previously merely an eyelash indicated that this tape art figure was given life. This is the first time we've drawn tape art silhouettes with their shadows. Maybe it was an acknowledgement that our in order for our figures to consider catharsis, they must first be in possession of a soul.
A view from our ladder, complete with shades of vertigo.
Don't stand too close baby, you'll get burned.
Gifting their burdens to the ether, our revellers cast away briefcases, alarm clocks,  personal computers and lost loves (letters).

For the record, these bunnies are not being cast into the fire, just held aloft as an object of worship.
Fly, bunnies, be free. 
Childhood comforters begone. Coming-of-age rites also included.
Some people thought this was a was originally a piggy bank.