We were brought in to Bancroft School, MA, to do what we do best... animate and personalize environments in a matter of hours. The result was a mural celebrating the graduation of the seniors, a contest to see who had the fastest ostrich and a girl that could throw alligators really far.

Made to commemorate the pending graduation of the senior class, this mural was populated entirely with portraits of the seniors embarking forward to the next stage of their lives, armed with goldfish, coffee makers and lava lamps. The building that they marched toward was their next "institution". And standing on the stairs of this grandiose columnated building was their welcoming committee to the big bad world.

At the far right of the mural you can see their teacher Sheila Tetler waving a teary good-bye to her kids.

It was a real pleasure meeting and drawing the students from Bancroft. We turned the most upstanding fella in school (a real sweetie) in to a pickpocket for a day. Also drawn were students hugging farewell to their younger (and taller) freshmen and sophomore friends.

This little furball was modeled after a kitten that someone had brought to school, a particularly cute crowd pleaser.

Playground of the Suburbs... the construction site. Who can possibly resist the lure of gravel piles, caution tape, orange barrels, tractor treads and the infamous cement circular piping stuff? In this vignette, more than one person realizes the fantasy of rolling around in these one-piece amusement parks. Note this mural was made with the help of two seniors who adopted our silhouette style and added a figure each.


For those who are not in the know, ostrich racing is a real sport. They may not be able to fly, but being fleet of feet with a human being on your back is impressive enough.


Much like the hammer throw, this young lady gives the ol' gator a spin. Her enthusiasm and strength are pivotal to this circumnavigational act of reptile throwing.