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Tape Art Artaquarium

On Monday January 14, 2007, Tape Art moves into The 5 Traverse Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island. During our month-long stay, we will be working in and living at the gallery, while utilizing the space to create an ongoing Tape Art installation, and demonstrating Tape Art for educators across the state.

This project is to be broadcast 24/7 online.

We've set up our own live channel. We invite you to watch and chat with us while we make stuff, bang on keyboards, talk with teachers, and Tape the walls.

Click Above for Tape Art Artaquarium


Hope Project

This huge collection of photographs - one for every fireman and airline passenger that passed away at the World Trade Center - highlights drawings, places and people throughout New York City.

Click Above for Hope Project Street Photographs | tapeart.com -> hope -> street


The Invasion

For over a week we worked as artists-in-residence at Leesburg High School in central Florida. Hundreds of teenagers in over 40 classes came together to create massive collaborative murals throughout their sprawling campus. In the afternoon, a group of students would use their newly acquired taping skills at a venue somewhere in their community.
Here you will find photos from every class, videos we made in response to their drawings and their work in the community.

Click Above for the Tape Art Invades Leesburg High Mega Site | tapeart.com -> teaching -> schools


Big Book of Tape Art

Here's a Tape Art book! This book was made before computers took over our lives and years later we have taken the time to lovingly scan every xeroxed page in all its black and white grainy glory. Be prepared for the big-budget color xerox pages. Ready yourself.

Click Above for the Big Book of Tape Art | tapeart.com -> installations -> works


Week of Hope

Oklahoma City is where, in the immediate aftermath of the Federal Building bombing, Tape Art began its work in hospitals and healthcare. Ten years later, we returned, as a part of the city's official Week of Hope. A powerful demonstration of what Tape Art can accomplish when embraced by so many different sectors of a supportive community.

Click Above for the Big Book of Tape Art | tapeart.com -> healing -> Hope Project -> Week of Hope

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