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The Tape Art Crew is an evolving group of public artists founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1989.

They were the first artists to consistently use tape as a primary medium for creating large-scale drawings and installations. As such, they have been called the inventors of Tape Art. They have created over 500 large murals (approx. 40ft x 40ft or larger) and thousands of smaller drawings on walls around the globe.

The Tape Art Crew creates murals using Drawing Tape, a low-adhesive paper tape designed to be removed from almost any surface without damaging those surfaces or leaving a residue behind. They have worked on: wood, cement, brick, metal, tile, glass, metal, stone, painted wall, stucco and plaster.

All of their artwork is intentionally temporary. Regardless of how much time it takes to create, every mural is removed within 24 hours of its completion. Where possible, the public is invited to join in the removal process. 

Beyond making massive public art pieces the Tape Art Crew have spent over two decades teaching Tape Art in schools, community centers, nursing homes, special education populations, hospitals, psych wards, correctional facilities, and corporations. In this time they have introduced Tape Art to over 50,000 first-time drawers.

Please credit all photographs of Tape Art work to The Tape Art Crew.

Below are sample catalogues with information and images from three Tape Art projects. Click on an image to view the PDF:

Buffalo Caverns Catalogue
NYC Aquarium Catalogue
WAM Catalogue

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