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We draw directly on your walls with tape to create large-scale, temporary artworks that beautify, astound, and engage. 

Murals for museums, festivals, cultural organizations, events, and community engagement projects. Or as a giant art gift.

Art with engagement.


Our art approach is one where audiences get to see the making of a mural start to finish. As we work we are always available for conversations and questions from those passing by.


We will also work with you to create experiences and programming around murals to speak directly to your community, from workshops to artist talks to public rip-downs to tie-ins with fundraising events, festivals, or art walks.

Contact us for project design and a quote.

No wall too small or too big.


We have installed murals on skyscrapers and even wrapped an entire museum (52,000 sq ft) in tape imagery, but even small murals surprise and delight viewers. For those without a large centralized wall, a series of smaller murals spread throughout a city, town, or campus can be equally impactful.

Beyond murals.


We can collaborate with you on a range of awesome art installations and activations for your community.


Participants make movable Tape Art "stickers" that can be as small as a bird or as big as a life-side human. Or bigger. Once made, these tape art stickers can be composed into one big installation or spread throughout a city/town/campus.


We live and make art in your gallery or space, available to your audiences 24/7 via walk-in or live stream. Invite the public to visit with us for a fully immersive art-making experience.


Let's make Tape Art move.

Here we are at ArtPrize 7 in Grand Rapids, MI